Taking Care of Your Trees

Trees have economic, social, environmental and commercial value. Aside from providing food, oxygen, shelter, and medicine trees also have practical uses and personal value. It is for these reasons that people take the time to plant trees. However, the effort does not stop with planting. You need to take care of trees. Here are ways to do that.

Water Your Trees

Trees need water to survive. Too much water can also affect the trees. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they get the correct amount of water that it needs. During dry periods, this means making an effort to water them regularly through a steady but slow watering system.

Use Fertilizer and Mulch

Fertilizer ensures that your tree has the necessary nutrients. You, therefore, need use fertilizer depending on your soil test. Mulch helps trap moisture in the ground; an essential thing, especially in hot weather. It also helps to keep weeds away and serves as a fertilizer for the trees. However, like water, mulching must not be excessively done.

Protect Your Young Trees

Young trees need more protection than mature trees. These young trees can easily be uprooted. They are also in danger of being eaten by animals within the home such as livestock. It may, therefore, be necessary to put up a fence around them.

Keep diseases and pests away

Different pests and diseases affect trees in different ways. Some can do extensive damage while others only affect aesthetics. Caterpillars are also a common troublemaker when it comes to trees. You need to take control measures if you notice lots of caterpillars on tree.

Improving Sleep Quality with Smart Mattresses

Technology has changed our lifestyles from the way we cook and wash to the way we communicate. But if you thought technology advances stop at appliances and phones, think again. Technology advances are changing the way we sleep too, through smart mattresses. Smart mattresses are a newer type of mattresses touted by some to be the future’s dominant sleep technology. They come with different features but generally combine the capabilities of sleep trackers with other features to keep you comfortable so that you get the best quality of sleep. They offer the ability to automatically adjust various aspects such as its firmness, temperature and the tilt of the head. These are factors which can affect your sleep quality.

Intelligence that gives you comfort and convenience

The levels of intelligence of these mattresses vary. Some mattress brands simply use a smartphone app to raise or lower a bed. Others, however, are smarter such as those which sense your sleeping position and adjust the pressure depending on whether you are on your back, stomach or side. You can also set your smart bed to warm itself before you come to sleep during cold seasons. With the Internet of Things, some mattresses even allow one to turn on the coffeemaker at a specific time instead of waking up to turn do it.

Adjustable to each person’s comfort

Smart beds can also offer a level of flexibility you will not find in a regular mattress. For instance, if you are sharing the bed and you prefer different temperatures, you can adjust your side to your liking and your partner can adjust the other side for his/her comfort.

Track and correlate information

Because of the sleep tracking capabilities built into smart mattresses, they are able to collect data as one sleeps. The report generated on sleep quality can be used to figure out what interferes with your sleep and make the necessary lifestyle or sleeping environment changes. Some of these mattresses correlate the sleep quality information with that collected by your other smartphone apps. The result is that it can suggest areas that you need to change in order to sleep better. For instance, if you’ve installed a tracker app for your eating or physical activities, this information can be correlated with that on sleep quality. Your smart mattress app can then use this information to tell you if your diet or level of physical activity could be affecting your sleep quality.

Other alternatives

The sleep tracking may be a hit especially with life loggers, who no longer have to buy separate trackers. However, those who don’t want this level of technology and data collection to invade their sleeping place and time may not like these mattresses. If this applies to you, you can still find a good mattress. There are regular mattresses manufactured using different materials and technologies that can still give you the comfort you need without the sleep tracking functions. These include memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, and the regular foam mattresses. Smart or not, the mattress options for you to enjoy your sleep are many. What you need to do is to find a mattress that you are most comfortable with. To help you select the best mattress, gives you the information you need; from features and prices to the experiences of those who have actually tried them.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor: A Dream Match or a Disaster?

Is Floyd Mayweather vs. Connor McGregor really a dream match or a disaster? It has been reported that tickets are not really selling well. Though it has an appeal to the general public, fight fans aren’t really happy with this particular matchup considering the cost of the pay-per-view at $99. Connor McGregor recently had Paulie Malignaggi to spar with him. And after the alleged beatdown that McGregor delivered to the retired boxer, a lot of fans are asking if he really does have a chance against Floyd Mayweather in boxing.

The Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin in 2017 has reached more than $3,400 in value. In addition to this, there are many altcoins that are becoming available in the market as well. Could Bitcoin and blockchain technology be the future? Could it make businesses such as Western Union obsolete? There are businesses that are now adapting blockchain technology including Microsoft and IBM. This only means that it is possible that technology responsible for Bitcoin is probably here to stay. As for the cryptocurrency, there is still a chance that it could fall from the top position of the cryptocurrency food chain.

The Philippines and Its Drug War

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been in the headlines over the last year for his war on drugs in the Philippines. The populist has been enjoying high satisfaction rating despite the numerous human rights violations related to the drug war. He previously promised to stop the drug problem in 6 months. Unfortunately, it has been more than a year and the problem is far from over. How could the Drug War end in the Philippines? Will the president finally admit that he is taking the wrong approach considering the cost and the casualties?

Is Trump Meeting His Promises?

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was something that no one expected a few years ago. In fact, it was a political joke until it finally became reality. However, what made him win are the inadequacies by the Obama administration. Now that he’s president, has he really fulfilled his promises? In reality, this wasn’t really the case. For instance, jobs are still being outsourced compared to what was promised to bring the jobs back in the US. In addition to this, the proposed wall to be built on the border of Mexico never really came true.