Taking Care of Your Trees


    Trees have economic, social, environmental and commercial value. Aside from providing food, oxygen, shelter, and medicine trees also have practical uses and personal value. It is for these reasons that people take the time to plant trees. However, the effort does not stop with planting. You need to take care of trees. Here are ways to do that.

    Water Your Trees

    Trees need water to survive. Too much water can also affect the trees. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they get the correct amount of water that it needs. During dry periods, this means making an effort to water them regularly through a steady but slow watering system.

    Use Fertilizer and Mulch

    Fertilizer ensures that your tree has the necessary nutrients. You, therefore, need use fertilizer depending on your soil test. Mulch helps trap moisture in the ground; an essential thing, especially in hot weather. It also helps to keep weeds away and serves as a fertilizer for the trees. However, like water, mulching must not be excessively done.

    Protect Your Young Trees

    Young trees need more protection than mature trees. These young trees can easily be uprooted. They are also in danger of being eaten by animals within the home such as livestock. It may, therefore, be necessary to put up a fence around them.

    Keep diseases and pests away

    Different pests and diseases affect trees in different ways. Some can do extensive damage while others only affect aesthetics. Caterpillars are also a common troublemaker when it comes to trees. You need to take control measures if you notice lots of caterpillars on tree.


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