Cleaning Up After Gardening, Construction and Home Improvement Projects

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Gardening, construction, and other home improvement tasks tend to leave one with a lot of rubble and waste that is hard to dispose of. You can’t put this type of waste in your regular refuse bin because they just can’t handle the weight. It would also be impractical because the sheer volume of waste just won’t fit. You also can’t carry this waste and dump it on a local authority site. If you are faced with a dilemma on how to dispose of this type of waste, here are options you could consider.


You can find a lot of building materials you can recycle from the rubble; either for your own use or to give to others. You sort the rubble yourself, separating the reusable waste or you can hire a specialist. Landscaping can benefit a lot from the rubble. You can compact the general rubble to form hardcore. The whole blocks and bricks can be used for minor landscaping construction. If you are not using it for own home, you can find someone who needs it for landscaping. For reuse in your landscaping activities or give it to your friends to transform their landscape with.

Construction Market Places

There are sites where you can find people looking for leftover, unused and unwanted construction materials such as Gumtree, Enviromate, and salvage yards. In such marketplaces, you can get rid of your reusable waste for free or at a reduced price. Instead, reusable materials going to waste in landfills, you can make a few coins off of it or help someone in need.

Skip Hire

After taking out the usable materials, you could hire skips. This service will give you a Skip of any size; Smaller ones for your gardening project and the bigger, 40-yard construction skips The skips are also delivered to your address and picked. Greater convenience is afforded by the fact that there are businesses that allow you to hire skips online. Some tools can also help you to quickly compare skips offered by different companies so that you can find the best delivering service to your area without having to call a lot of companies. An example of these is the Skip Supplier Comparison Tool. These handy services will save you a lot of trouble. Just make sure that you’re smart in filling the skip up to make the most of the available space. Book yours well in advance and don’t be tempted to fill your large skip with food lest you draw rodents to it.

Grab Lorries

If you’ve undertaken a major project that has left you with a gigantic pile of rubble and other waste, it would be impractical to hire skips. What you need is a grab lorry which can carry between 9 and 18 tons of waste depending on the size. The hydraulic loading cranes will save you the trouble of loading the waste manually.

Whichever method you choose to get rid of your gardening waste and rubble, remember that there are types of wastes that require special disposals such as asbestos, electronic appliances, tires and liquid waste. Depending on where the waste will be placed before pick-up, you might also need local authority permits especially if you’ll be placing them on public spaces.

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